Learn About The Importance of Immediate Collision Repair

Is it essential to take your car to the shop after a fender bender? If you’re in an automobile accident, and the damage to your vehicle is minor, it can be tempting to ignore it. If the car still runs and you’re not bothered by the way it looks, why not just keep driving? Isn’t it better to just soldier on rather than taking on what seems like an unnecessary expense during an already stressful time? As it happens, there are some excellent reasons to take your vehicle in, so a qualified mechanic can look it over and take care of any necessary repairs.

  • Getting your vehicle repaired quickly after an accident keeps you in good standing with your insurance company. If you’ve got collision insurance, you should use it. If you don’t keep your vehicle in the best condition, your insurance provider is unlikely to continue to offer you that coverage. Your insurance company will compensate you for the damages, so why not go ahead and get your car repaired? If you don’t get it fixed after a small wreck, you’re likely to find yourself without coverage if you should have a more severe accident. If you’re leasing your car or making car payments, it’s imperative to keep your vehicle in good shape and maintain that collision insurance. Lenders require that insurance be maintained by those leasing or making payments.
  • Repairing a vehicle keeps the damage from getting worse. A small dent might not seem like a big deal, but it can cause further problems, like rust damage. What’s more, the collision may have caused damage that you can’t see, and the fact that you’re unaware of them doesn’t make them any less serious. Steering wheel issues, engine trouble, brake problems, and other damages you may be unaware of can worsen when you drive the car, leading to further damage and more expensive repairs.
  • Driving a car that needs to be repaired may not be safe. After any collision, even when the damage seems small, the safety of your vehicle may be compromised. Without taking the car to be inspected, you have no way of knowing whether the accident has degraded the vehicle’s ability to protect you in a severe crash. Internal damage that can lead to significant malfunctions can mean that you and your passengers are not safe when you’re driving that car, and others on the road around you aren’t secure, either.
  • When you neglect to repair your vehicle after an accident, you could be risking trouble with the law. Did you know that in many states, a car that’s been in an accident is not deemed worthy of being driven on public roads? To legally drive your car, you will likely need to get your car repaired as soon after the accident as possible. Taking your car in for inspection and repair promptly will keep you on the right side of law enforcement.
  • Having your car in good working order makes your life easier. For most people, a car is an invaluable tool as well as an investment. When your car is out of commission, it makes it much harder to do what you need to do and go the places you need to go. This might make you reluctant to take your car in if the damage doesn’t render it undrivable, but risking further damage means more time in the shop later. Worse, neglecting prompt repairs could lead to irreparable damage, and you’ll have to get a new car.
  • When the time comes for you to sell your vehicle, you’ll be glad you kept it in good repair. You’ve heard it time and time again: cars depreciate as soon as you drive them out of the dealership’s parking lot. While that is true, and vehicles depreciate over time, the ones that hold their value the most effectively are without damage. A car with dents and dings will be worth much less to a potential buyer, and every potential buyer will look at the outside of the car. Damage to the car gives a buyer wiggle room to talk you down on the price, but if you’ve taken care of your car and repaired it so that the body is clean and undamaged, you’ll be able to stick to your asking price. If you’ve left problems to turn into bigger problems under the hood, your vehicle will be worth even less.

If your vehicle is in an accident, whether or not the damage seems noteworthy to you, contact B&L Automotive Repairs. We’ll make sure that there’s no hidden damage that could potentially make your car unsafe. A family-owned business, we have over 30 years of experience handling every kind of body and mechanical repair, and we’ve even got a play area to entertain the kids while you wait. Our expert staff is continually trained and updated, and our state-of-the-art equipment allows them to serve you with the highest level of expertise. No matter what make and model you drive or which insurance company you use, we will provide fast and reliable service to ensure your needs are met. Call us today at (773) 463-1622, or contact us through our website for more information.

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