How to Drive Safely with Pets in the Car

Dogs love to ride in cars, but keeping your pet safe is a big responsibility. Many dogs get excited at the sound of keys jangling, especially if you ask them if they want to go for a ride. There’s no reason not to take your dog on a ride, but following some safety tips is important to make sure you and your pet gets home safely. Your dog should be restrained while in a vehicle, so they are not injured and do not cause distractions to you while driving. Learn how to do so properly so that you can sit back and enjoy the ride with your pet.

Seating Arrangement

Dogs make great companions, but they should not sit in the passenger’s seat. Keep them in the back seat for your safety and theirs. Having them ride on your lap is even more dangerous because they’re unlikely to sit still. You don’t want to risk your dog being injured by airbags, so keeping them in the back is your best bet.

Keeping Them Contained

Letting a dog wander around increases the chances of them getting injured and you getting into an accident. Unfortunately, a seatbelt isn’t the best way to keep a dog restrained safely. A pet carrier is a good way to keep them safe while enjoying a ride. Secure the dog carrier and arrange it so they can see out the window and get some fresh air with the window down. A dog harness is another way to keep them safely contained. If your dog is too big for these options, you can opt to install a dog barrier in between the rear and front seats.

More Pet Safety Tips

This one might be unpopular, but it’s best not to let your dog stick their head out the window. Dogs love the wind, but they can get small particles in their eyes and ears. While most don’t, some dogs have been known to jump out of open windows. Never leave a pet unattended in your car, especially on a hot day. If it’s too hot and you’ll be running errands, bring them in or leave them at home. Be sure your dog is getting plenty of A/C in the back seat as well.

B&L Automotive hopes you’ll practice these tips to keep your pets safe while riding in your vehicle. We’re here for all your collision service needs, so give us a call at (773) 463-1622.

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