Getting the Most for Your Money: Vehicles That Owners Keep the Longest

Americans love their cars, but that certainly doesn’t mean they keep them forever. On average, Americans keep their cars for 8.4 years. The vehicles that are consistently kept the longest indicate that they’re more reliable and their owners enjoy driving them. Most of the vehicles on this list are SUVs or sports cars, so check out which ones you’ll want to consider when looking for a car to keep for a long time.

Toyota Avalon – 9.7 years

This spacious sedan has plenty of cargo room, is in the top of its class for vehicle rankings, and is a reliable alternative for those who want space but not an SUV or a minivan.

Toyota Sequoia – 9.9 years

This three row SUV is popular because it’s extremely durable and able to rack up high mileage if well taken care of.

Porsche 911 – 9.9 years

Sports cars can be quite expensive, so most of their owners aren’t looking to get rid of them for some time. They also accrue less mileage than everyday use cars.

Toyota 4Runner – 10 years

The 4Runner is known for being a reliable vehicle that owners tend to hang onto for quite some time.

Ford Mustang – 10 years

Lots of drivers want a Ford Mustang, but not so many want to get rid of one. This sports car typically isn’t used as a primary vehicle, so it can last a long time without racking up high mileage.

Ford Expedition – 10.1 years

This large SUV is in a class of its own, making it a popular option due to the amount of room it has for passengers and cargo, as well as its ability to tow almost any sized trailer.

Audi TT – 10.2 years

This two-door sports coupe is a popular car that drivers tend to hang onto for more than a decade.

Mercedes-Benz SL – 10.3 years

This sports car has space for two passengers and luggage which makes it a popular choice, and is one of the best grand touring cars available.

Chevy Corvette – 10.5 years

This iconic sports car is known for its amazing performance and is a dream car that many drivers never want to get rid of.

Toyota Land Cruiser – 11.4 years

Toyotas are known for their reliability and longevity. This four-wheel drive utility vehicle is comfortable and comes with lots of technology features.

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