How to Spot Hail Damage, and What to Do About It

If you’re unfortunate enough to experience a hailstorm, here are some tips on how to spot hail damage to your car, and what to do about it.  


Far too many people lose money every year to hail damage because they don’t understand that hail damage is not merely cosmetic damage. Any hail damage greatly reduces the value of your car.  


Identify the Damage 

The best way to tell if your car has been hit by hail is to look for dents or broken windows. You may also see damage to the paint or roof of the car. If you spot any damage, take a picture of the damage, contact your insurance company, and take it to a mechanic to get it fixed. 


What Hail Can Do to Your Car 

Hail can be a major problem for your car. Not only can hail damage the exterior of your car, but it can also damage the interior. The following list comprises some of the risks of hail damage to your car: 


  • Frame damage. If your car has been hit by hail, the metal frame may have been weakened. It’s important to get the frame fixed as soon as possible, or the car may not be safe to drive. 
  • Electrical problems. Hail damage can also cause the electrical system in your car to short out. If you notice any strange electrical problems, take your car to a mechanic right away. 
  • Windshield issues. Often, if your car has been hit by hail, you will need to replace the windshield with a reputable company.  
  • Windshield wiper blade problems. Hail can also cause problems for your car’s windshield wipers. The blades of the wipers can become bent or warped if they are hit by hail. This can cause the wipers to not work properly, which can be a safety hazard. If your windshield wipers are not working properly, you may need to replace them. 
  • Paint job damage. Hail can also damage your car’s paint job. If the hail is large enough, it can cause the paint to chip or peel. If your car’s paint is chipped or peeling, you may need to have the car repainted. 


If you take your car to a mechanic after it’s been hit by hail, make sure to get a written estimate for the repair work. This will help you when you file a claim with your insurance company. 


What to Do When a Hailstorm Strikes 

A brief hailstorm can inflict major damages to your car, so it is important to take steps to protect your car from hail damage. If you are driving in a hailstorm, make sure to pull over and park your car in a safe place.  


If you know that a storm is likely, take steps to protect your car by parking it in a covered spot. The extra effort you take to cover your car will save you time, expense, and frustration. 


Which Hail Damages to Your Car Need to be Fixed? 

Some hail damages are more severe than others and require immediate attention. For example, a dent in the hood or roof of your car is a more serious issue than a few dings on the side. If the hail has broken your windshield, that’s an even bigger problem and you’ll need to take it to a repair shop as soon as possible.  


Other hail damages, while not as severe, still need to be fixed eventually. For example, if the hail has caused your car paint to chip or peel, you’ll want to take it in for a paint job. Otherwise, the chips and peels will only get worse over time.  


In short, if you’ve been hit by hail, examine your car, and decide which hail damages to your car need to be fixed. Then take it in for repairs as soon as possible! 


How Are Car Hail Damages Fixed? 

Repairing hail damages requires a few steps to save you time and money. Read on to learn what those vital steps are! 


Involve Your Insurance Company 

If your car is damaged by hail, the first thing you should do is call your insurance company. They will send out an adjuster to assess the damage and determine how much it will cost to fix. Most likely, the damages will be covered by your insurance policy. 


The adjuster will work with a body shop to get the repairs started. The body shop will order the parts that are needed and then repair the car. Once the repairs are finished, the body shop will send a bill to your insurance company. 


If you have comprehensive coverage on your policy, you may be able to choose your own body shop. However, if you have only liability coverage, you must use a body shop that is approved by your insurance company. 


Partner with a Reputable Auto Repair Shop 

There’s a good chance that if you live in an area that experiences hail, your car has been damaged by it at some point. Hail can cause significant damage to cars, ranging from small dents to broken windows and extensive body damage.  


Most auto repair shops will be able to fix the damage caused by hail. However, there may be some shops that are not equipped to handle this type of repair. It is important to ask the shop beforehand if they can fix hail damage. If they are not able to do the work, they may be able to recommend a shop that can. 


Hail damage can be a significant expense, but it is important to get the damage fixed as soon as possible. Not only will the car look better, but it will also be safer to drive. If you have any questions about hail damage or auto repair shops, please contact us. We would be happy to help. 


Paintless Dent Repair  

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a process of fixing minor dents and dings in a vehicle without the use of paint or filler. It is a common method for fixing small dents, especially those that are located on surfaces that are difficult to reach or see. 


PDR is often less expensive and faster than traditional auto body repair methods, and it can be done without having to remove the damaged area of the vehicle. In most cases, PDR can be completed in a single visit to an auto body shop. 


The process of PDR uses a special tool to push and pull the metal back into place. Sometimes, a light tap with a hammer may be needed to restore the dent to its original condition. 


If you are looking for a fast, affordable way to fix minor dents and dings on your car, consider having your car damage repaired with paintless dent repair (PDR). 


B&L Automotive Repairs in Chicago is your go-to shop for all your auto repair needs, both autobody and mechanical. We service insurance, fleet, and commercial customers. Contact us today at (773)-463-1622 to set up an appointment for hail damage or any other repair work you require—you’ll be glad you did! 

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