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B & L Automotive Repairs, Inc. is a well-known, family owned and operated auto body repair shop that has been serving clients throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area for over 36 years.  Originally begun by Bernie Schatz (B) and Lou Stein (L) in 1978, Peter Rizzo started working at B & L in 1980 and in 1988, Rizzo assumed ownership of the business.  Since then, Rizzo and his family have made a point to uphold the standard of excellence in auto collision repair started more than three and a half decades ago by Schatz and Stein.  They ensure that all of their auto collision repair technicians get only the best, advanced training in order for B & L to continue on as the #1 auto body shop in Chicagoland!  It is no mystery why Lincoln Square clientele consider B & L auto collision repair as providing the finest collision repairs in the industry.

Lincoln Square Auto Body Repair

B & L Automotive Repairs, Inc. is conveniently located slightly more than two miles southwest of Lincoln Square, Illinois.  Lincoln Square is one of 77 community areas in Chicago with more than 38,000 residents living there Whenever Lincoln Square residents need an auto body shop, they go directly to B & LLincoln Square residents consistently choose our services because we are well-known for working with all makes and models, dealerships and top insurance providers.  No matter what our Lincoln Square customers need, they know that our unequalled staff will always endeavor to make sure that their auto body repair needs are met 100% of the time.  Lincoln Square clients can rest assured that that when they visit B & L’s auto body shop, they will receive the finest auto collision repair work they deserve at a price they can afford.  Lincoln Square customers also know that when they come to us, they are completely confident that their vehicle is in the right hands!

Lincoln Square Auto Body Repair Shops

B & L Automotive Repairs, Inc. is also recognized for offering the services customers need to enhance the claims management process.  When focusing on integrated claims management, we can also deliver the best industry-leading collision repair services possible.  In addition, B & L gives its customers a valuable limited lifetime warranty.  Moreover, B & L guarantees that the parts and materials it uses in auto body repair are of the finest quality.  When you visit our auto body shop, you will be greeted by a well-qualified customer service representative who will masterfully steer you through the auto collision repair process.  You will also get a rock-solid estimate from us!  Furthermore, B & L has the quality control checks at every level to make certain that your auto collision repair work has been handled appropriately, as well as the ability to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.  For your FREE estimate from our auto body shop for collision repair, call B & L today at: (773) 463-1622.

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