Tips for Choosing an Auto Collision Repair Shop

Your car was just damaged in an accident, and now you’re scrambling to find an auto collision repair shop in Chicago to perform the repair. Here are the top ways to choose a reputable, convenient place to have your car fixed.

  • Read customer reviews: Search for “auto collision repair shop” online and read the reviews for the companies that come up. Learning about other people’s experiences and how a company resolves issues tells you a lot about how things might go for you.
  • Call friends and family: If you have a hard time trusting strangers on the internet, call around to friends and family who live nearby and have experience working with auto collision repair shops in Chicago. Find out whom they recommend (and whom to avoid) for the repair work you need.
  • Consider the location: For convenience, hone in on shops near your home or work. This way, you don’t have to travel far to drop off and pick up your car.
  • Compare estimates: This involves driving (or towing) your car from shop to shop, but the effort could be worth it to save some money. While you want to avoid being overcharged, the lowest estimate isn’t necessarily the best choice. You want to balance repair quality and price to obtain the best
  • Ask about licenses and certifications: Strict standards regulate the auto body repair industry, so ask any shop you’re considering to prove their credentials. This ensures the best practices and up-to-date equipment are being used to repair your vehicle.
  • Find out what kinds of body parts the shop uses: The options include new, used and aftermarket. New parts generally have the highest quality, but used parts may result in savings. Depending on what part of the car needs to be fixed, aftermarket parts could provide the best value. They’re usually far less costly than new parts from the original manufacturer, and they often perform the same.
  • Ask about paint match technology: If you’re having part of your car repainted, find out how the job is done. Sophisticated spectrophotometer technology and computer software are the most effective tools to get an accurate color match. Then, applying multiple coats and finishing the job with a clear topcoat provide the most professional results.
  • Follow your instincts: When you walk in the front door of an auto collision repair shop, pay attention to the atmosphere. If the office is cluttered or staff members don’t treat you respectfully, this might reflect the level of work and type of experience you can expect to receive. If your instincts tell you something is shady, take your business elsewhere.

For reliable, affordable auto collision repair in Chicago, turn to B&L Automotive Repairs. We are fully certified and licensed, with good customer reviews and competitive rates. We use high-quality parts and painting techniques to ensure the best outcome from our work. To learn more about us, or to request an estimate, please contact us at (773) 463-1622.

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