I was led to B&L automotive through the Rizzo family. I wanted to go somewhere that did everything that I needed without having to go to different places. I have 5 kids and time is pretty tight. Pete Rizzo met me at the door shook my hand and it was then I knew I was in the right place. He showed me everything that he thought he could do to “pimp my ride”. Then he showed me around the shop and I was thoroughly impressed. Pete arranged to have a loaner car for me and left with knowing my car was in the hands of professionals.

They called me the next day with a quote and all the upgrades that they were going to do to my Lexus and had everything finished in a couple of days. They even had someone come out to my house and drop my car off……what service!!!! When I saw the car it looked like it did 10 years ago brand new. I had brakes, rims, body work and a full detail of the car to get it ready to hand off to my daughter (reluctantly:) .

All I can say is awesome!!!! They did exactly what I wanted/needed with a smile on their face at all times and in my line of work, being a dentist, that is pretty important. Everyone was professional and the work was top notch. I give Pete and B&L automotive two thumbs up and will be back in the future. Thanks Kim, Pete and everyone B&L.

Tom M    Chicago, IL   

Excellent customer service from start to finish. From Vanessa’s quick, capable and genuinely nice assistance at the front desk to Gino’s honest, straightforward recommendations, I was thoroughly impressed. This shop runs like a well oiled machine.
They should start a side business with a customer service training academy. If only all businesses had this level of customer service the world would be a better place.

Douglas R.    Chicago, IL   

Great service! I had three prior estimates for body work (smallish dent on the side door) and their prices were very reasonable. The work and service was great — they picked me up and dropped me off from the train which made it possible that I could be without a car in the middle of winter and still make it to work!

Erin O.    Chicago, IL   

I recently had an accident that caused my front passenger panel to get jammed in such a way that my passenger side door would not open. Having already spent almost $900 getting my axel repaired form the same incident, I was dreading getting an estimate. I came on Yelp, and saw all the rave reviews of B&L, so I trucked my way on over there.

I walked in and was greeted by the receptionist who was very polite and offered me a bottle of water. She took my info and a minute later the Assistant Manger came and I showed him the damage. He said he would take a look so I sat back down. Less than two minutes later, he returns and tells me he fixed the problem!!! I didn’t even have time to pick up a magazine. What’s even better is that he fixed it totally free of charge! He even helped direct traffic so I could back out.

I was so shocked by the generosity and professionalism by the folks at B&L – they’ve gained a loyal customer for life!

Susanna W.    Chicago, IL   

Everyone you’ll encounter here is exceptionally nice from the receptionist to the managerial staff to the detailers to guys who aren’t even working on your car. And they don’t nickel and dime you here either. Brian talked me through everything my accident had done to my car–things I hadn’t even noticed and let me know what I could probably live without repairing (e.g., bumper scratches because, let’s face it, I live in the city and that’s just a fact of life here).

The repairs were quick and as affordable as they could possibly be for someone paying out-of-pocket, and the morning I dropped off my car, they were nice enough to give me a ride to work because it was pouring rain out.

I can’t recommend these guys enough. They’ve been around for decades, and they treat you like they want to be around even longer.

Laurel H.    Chicago, IL   

So my experience with B&L was incredible! Hands down the best work I’ve seen and by far the most welcoming and comfortable automotive repair place I’ve ever been in. Brian was the guy that worked on my car the first time, he was honest, to the point, and extremely nice… you would think that a girl walking into an auto body repair place wouldn’t stand a chance? NOT in this place… 🙂 He talked TO ME not AT ME.

So I recently got into an accident (not my fault) and I already knew where I wanted to go for repairs. After filing the police report I went straight to B&L and they took care of everything for me! Brian did all the paperwork, took photos, and quoted me in 15-20min. During that time, I was in the waiting room where the kind receptionist offered me coffee 🙂 They also offered me pizza when it arrived haha

All in all I’d say B&L was so awesome they made getting car repairs feel like a piece of cake and painless… and trust me I am not rich by any stretch of the means… best perk is that they’re affordable! You can’t go wrong with an affordable family run business. ASK FOR BRIAN! And trust me, he’s a teddy bear 🙂

Rose L    Chicago, IL