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How to Spot Hail Damage, and What to Do About It

If you’re unfortunate enough to experience a hailstorm, here are some tips on how to spot hail damage to your car, and what to do about it.     Far too many people lose money every year to hail damage because … Continue reading

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New Car Safety Features

Used cars usually offer a substantial savings compared to new cars, but with used car prices going through the roof lately, car shoppers have more cause to check out new cars. One reason is all the advanced safety features that … Continue reading

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Trees Can Damage Your Car

Trees can add a lot of charm and beauty to your home. They can also pose some risks. Falling leaves, acorns and pine needles can clog up your gutters, and falling limbs can damage your home. They also pose a … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of DIY Touchup Paint

If the paint job on your car has gotten faded or scratched, you have a choice to make. Do you try to ignore it, take it to a body shop, or try to fix the paint yourself? Here are some … Continue reading

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Is It Okay to Use a Bike Rack, or Cargo Box or Bag on My Car?

Your car is important to you, and you want it to look good. You also want to use it to haul everything you need hauled. These desires can be in conflict. Luckily there are a variety of products (bike racks, … Continue reading

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Does Your Bumper Need to Be Replaced?

So, you got into a little accident, without much noticeable damage aside from a dent in your bumper. Do you really need to go to the trouble of getting it repaired? While a little fender bender doesn’t always warrant a … Continue reading

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Don’t Neglect Wheel Damage

When you look at your car, your eyes are probably not drawn to your tires. While you might notice a scratch on the side of your car or a dent in your bumper, you might not pay much attention to … Continue reading

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What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Has your car collected a few dents recently? This is to be expected, what with free-swinging car doors, rogue shopping carts, and vindictive hailstorms waiting around every turn. Fortunately, with paintless dent repair, you don’t have to look at your … Continue reading

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How Carwise Makes Auto Repair Easier

If you’re looking for auto collision repair in Chicago, the team at B&L Automotive Repairs is here for you. We provide expert service to help get your car back to pre-accident condition as quickly and affordably as possible. Our specialties … Continue reading

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How We Use Computerized Paint Matching to Find Your Car’s Perfect Shade

Every car develops dents, dings, and scratches at some point. If your vehicle has cosmetic damage, it’s important to repaint the exposed metal as soon as possible to prevent rust from forming. Auto body painting is also the final step … Continue reading

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